6th May 2021
We are pleased to announce that the Institute has appointed three members as fellows.

They are Messrs.

NGAI Lup Chee

SO Ping Chi

WONG Tak Chiu.

All new fellows had served as chairmen of the Institute.
Capt. NGAI is one of the founding members of the Institute and took up the challenge of establishing the status of the Institute in Hong Kong. The Asia-Pacific Shipping Conference (APSCO) and a series of courses for personnel in the Maritime Industry to lay down the knowledge had been the success stories of the early Institute. Mr NGAI is now stationed in Canada.
Mr SO had successfully elevated the profile of the Institute during his tenure as Chairman. For the first time, the Institute had been represented in advisory bodies of the government relating to the Maritime Industry.
Other than securing the position of the Institute among the maritime institutions, Mr WONG initiated the reform with the aim to further strengthen the status of the Institute and to better serve the needs of our members and maritime industry in Hong Kong.