A New World of Ship Finance: An Overview of Ship Lease Finance from Legal Perspective (24 Aug)

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Date: 24 August 2023, Thursday

Time: From 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Venue: Choose to attend by Zoom or in-person:
Conference Room of Ince & Co, Suites 4404-10, 44/F, One Island East,
18 Westlands Road, Taikoo Place, Hong Kong

Aim: This course aims to provide complementary knowledge to those candidates/in-service practitioners (staffs of Ship Owning Companies, Management Companies, Shipping and Commercial Banks, Leasing Companies, Traders/Charterers, Brokers, and Others) who intends to enrich their knowledge arising from and in connection with Ship Lease Finance.

Main Features of the Syllabus:

Part 1: General Overview and anatomy of Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)
The course introduces Students to the characteristics of shipping lease finance, together with an overview of the relevant parties and the relevant finance structures, and an introduction on a typical MOA, including clause-by-clause comments on terms that are commonly negotiated in practice, including the representations and warranties, undertakings, and the conditions precedent.

Part 2: Anatomy of Bareboat Charter (BBC)
An introduction on a typical BBC, most of the time would be dedicated to clause-by-clause comments on terms that are commonly negotiated in practice, including the representations and warranties, undertakings, the conditions precedent, the ship covenants, and the events of default, with reference to a Loan Market Association-based facility agreement. These would include provisions relating to the corporate authority of the obligors and the underlying security, the vessel as well as terms before delivery of a vessel in construction.

Part 3: Anatomy of Security Documents and Risk Management
As an important risk mitigation measure, we will introduce various security documents commonly found in a ship finance transaction and the commercial and legal considerations behind each of them.

Part 4: Group discussion and interactive Q&A
The course will follow by group discussion on various scenarios, including how to counter various negotiation points from the other side with persuasive reasoning and the pros and cons of compromising certain comments. The course then concludes by having a traditional Q&A to clear any questions the Students may have.

Instructors: LEE, Chee Ying (Janice)
LEE, Li Tung (Tonny)
TO, Ching Hang (Margo)
LO, Lillian Yin Lam
(Please refer to the attached detailed CV of all of the Instructors)

Medium of Instruction:

Fees: By Registration:
HK$350 per person for Members
HK$400 per person for Non-members
The fee includes attendance in-person or online and e-documentation;
Payment receipt will be issued to each paid participant.

Award: Participants who achieve the 3-hour attendance will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance.
[MATF Refund is available for eligible participants.]
[Applying for CPD points by the Law Society of Hong Kong – to be confirmed.]

Application Procedure:
• Please complete the Enrolment Form
• Then, please email the completed form to: info@seatransport.org
 followed by post with payment, upon receipt of which we will send you confirmation by email
• Deadline for Enrollment is on or before 17 August 2023
• The course fee will not be refundable

Enquiries: Ms. Clair Wong T: 2581 0003 E: info@seatransport.org

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